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    25.12.07 - added two old Challenge

All levels in zip file - (23 kb)

Holland Impossible Challenge [1] - Complet!

   There is a level bagatel10.xsb, which is produced by David Holland.

   I want you to develop the solution:
1) bagatel10a.xsb - My first remodel for this level,
2) grigrspecial02.xsb - Next step, and two special level for Gerald Holler,
3) bagatelle10bis.xsb - Remodel from Francois Marques,
4) gri110-0.xsb, gri110-1.xsb - My first develop for these levels,
5) gri110-2.xsb - Next step,
6) gri110.xsb - First I tried gri127, but I have not found the solution, and final version gri110,
7) gri110a.xsb - Paul Voiyer send me simple solution for gri110, I develop this level and request help for many other player. Francois Marques send me simple solution for gri110a, but this level harder,
8) gri127.xsb - Ziko send me solution for this level, He has named this level - MasterPiece!

All levels in zip file - (4 kb)

Skinner Impossible Challenge [2].

   There is a level sasquatch_v050.xsb, which is produced by David Skinner.
   York create some remodels sasquatch_v050a.xsb, sasquatch_v050b.xsb, sasquatch_v050c.xsb, sasquatch_v050d.xsb, sasquatch_v050e.xsb.

   I want you to develop the solution:
1) sasquatch_v050f.xsb, - My first remodel for this level, My 6882/1418,
2) sasquatch_v050g.xsb, - My next remodel for this level, Solvable
3) sasquatch_v050h.xsb, - My finish remodel for this level, no solution.

   York create simple version for H version:
4) sasquatch_v050i.xsb, - delete 2 walls, York 7878/1504,
5) sasquatch_v050j.xsb, - retarget goals, York 6762/1328.

Gyijw Impossible Challenge [3].

   Hello All Sokoban Fun!
   I'd like to offer you the new Challenge.

   There is a level gyijw0806.xsb, which is produced by several authors (Gyjgw, Lzy, York Shen, StopHeart), It is published on SuperSoko forum York Shen has already got a solution 2245/474.

   I want you to develop the solution:
1) gyijw0806a.xsb - the simplest solution by StopHeart 1898/385,
2) gyijw0806b.xsb - develop of a-version, no solution,
3) gyijw0806c.xsb - bring to monry16, no solution,
3.1) gyijw0806c1.xsb - here the level grows more complicated, solution by LZY 3152/344, My 494/70,
3.2) gyijw0806b-pre-0.xsb - here the level from StopHeart, solution by StopHeart 3294/473,
4) gyijw0806d.xsb - improved design, no solution,
5) gyijw0806e.xsb - variant 2, no solution,
6) gyijw0806f.xsb - variant 3, no solution.

   I have a good reason to suppose that all the levels do have solutions.
7) monry16y1.xsb - one can develop the level monry16y by adding 3 boxes.

   One more level from Gyijw gyijw0908.xsb - solution by Gyijw 2464/364
8) gyijw0908a.xsb - and my develop for this level, 4710/638 solution.

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