Remodel Club set [108 level] - never unfinished
All levels in zip file - (35 kb)

   I have published here levels of other authors which I could improve. I make it only for my entertainment.
   But I think, that for any author interestingly opinion of other players and other authors on their levels. If the level can be made more perfect, and any author can increase the experience.
   I did not receive the sanction of authors to publish their levels if it is not pleasant to you I shall immediately remove your level from this Site!

   If you will send me a level which you have improved I can publish here this level!
   My email:

   My favorite levels: 01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 08, 09, 15, 20, 24, 30, 47, 50, 51, 54, 59, 83, 87, 95, 97, 98, 100, 105, 108.

Name level Authors xsb file
01 MasSasquatch 49c David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha massasquatch49c.xsb
02 MP 20b Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp20b.xsb
03 novembre 2001e Francois Marques, GRIGoRusha and York Shen novembre2001e.xsb
04 novembre 2001ter5 Francois Marques and GRIGoRusha novembre2001ter5.xsb
05 SasquatchVI 47h David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchvi47h.xsb
06 Monthly 20a Mic and GRIGoRusha monthly20a.xsb
07 MP 13a Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp13a.xsb
08 MP 9e Marcus Palstra, GRIGoRusha and York Shen mp09e.xsb
09 MP 101c Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp101c.xsb
10 MasSasquatch 31a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha massasquatch31a.xsb
11 SasquatchIV 11a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchiv11a.xsb
12 BagatelleII 02e David Holland and GRIGoRusha bagatelleii02e.xsb
13 SokoBig 02a Howard Abbed and GRIGoRusha sokobig02a.xsb
14 Novembre 2002c Francois Marques and GRIGoRusha novembre2002c.xsb
15 Monthly 85a Mic and GRIGoRusha monthly85a.xsb
16 Sasquatch 09a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatch09a.xsb
17 Sasquatch 27a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatch27a.xsb
18 SasquatchIII 33v1a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchiii33v1a.xsb
19 SasquatchIII 33v2a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchiii33v2a.xsb
20 SasquatchIII 43f David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchiii43f.xsb
21 SasquatchIV 22b David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchiv22b.xsb
22 Sasquatch 10c David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatch10c.xsb
23 SasquatchVI 38a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchvi38a.xsb
24 Mario 17a Mario Bonenfant, GRIGoRusha mario17a.xsb
25 MP 27b Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp27b.xsb
26 SasquatchV 23b David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchv23b.xsb
27 SokoIdea 44a Mic and GRIGoRusha sokoidea44a.xsb
28 SokoIdea 53a Mic and GRIGoRusha sokoidea53a.xsb
29 Ziko 33c Ziko, GRIGoRusha and York Shen ziko33c.xsb
30 Ziko 27a Ziko and GRIGoRusha ziko27a.xsb
31 Original Sokoban 48c Unknown and GRIGoRusha originalsokoban48c.xsb
32 Novembre 2001x Francois Marques and GRIGoRusha novembre2001x.xsb
33 Yms 12c York Shen and GRIGoRusha yms12c.xsb
34 Yms 12x York Shen, Monry and GRIGoRusha yms12x.xsb
35 Ziko 22a Ziko and GRIGoRusha ziko22a.xsb
36 Sasquatch 25a David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatch25a.xsb
37 SokoTime 56b Mic, GRIGoRusha and Marek Letrab sokotime56b.xsb
38 SokoMaxx 39c Mic and GRIGoRusha sokomaxx39c.xsb
39 MP 28c Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp28c.xsb
40 MP 26c Marcus Palstra, GRIGoRusha and York Shen mp26c.xsb
41 MP 23a Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp23a.xsb
42 Maelstrom 15f David Holland and GRIGoRusha maelstrom15f.xsb
43 SokoTime 90d Mic and GRIGoRusha sokotime90d.xsb
44 SokoTime 68a Mic and GRIGoRusha sokotime68a.xsb
45 KBR 1159a Kevin B. Reilly and GRIGoRusha kbr1159a.xsb
46 Twisty 01d Martin P. Holland, Marek Letrab and GRIGoRusha twisty01d.xsb
47 Gri 101a GRIGoRusha and Nakamiya gri101a.xsb
48 MasSasquatch 26c David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha massasquatch26c.xsb
49 MasSasquatch 02c David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha massasquatch02c.xsb
50 MasSasquatch 06h David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha massasquatch06h.xsb
51 Monry 16y Monry, GRIGoRusha, Francois Marques and York Shen monry16y.xsb
52 Monry 16z Monry, GRIGoRusha, Francois Marques, York Shen and Marek Letrab monry16z.xsb
53 Monthly 94a Mic, Hir and GRIGoRusha monthly94a.xsb
54 MP 19h Marcus Palstra, GRIGoRusha and York Shen mp19h.xsb
55 Monthly 103a Mic and GRIGoRusha monthly103a.xsb
56 Ziko 18b Ziko and GRIGoRusha ziko18b.xsb
57 DH2 06c David Holland and GRIGoRusha dhii06c.xsb
58 Perfect 278c Yasuhiro Morita and GRIGoRusha perfect278c.xsb
59 Perfect 280b Unknown and GRIGoRusha perfect280b.xsb
60 Monry 10c Monry and GRIGoRusha monry10c.xsb
61 ZikoFirst 42a Ziko and GRIGoRusha zikofirst42a.xsb
62 LJY 391c LJY and GRIGoRusha ljy391c.xsb
63 SokoTime 33a Mic and GRIGoRusha sokotime33a.xsb
64 MP 24c Marcus Palstra and GRIGoRusha mp24c.xsb
65 SasquatchVI 36b David W. Skinner and GRIGoRusha sasquatchvi36b.xsb
66 Sven 213c Sven Egevad, York Shen and GRIGoRusha sven0213c.xsb
67 Monthly 114a MIC and GRIGoRusha monthly114a.xsb
68 Monry-Light 006a Monry and GRIGoRusha monry-light006a.xsb
69 GrigrSpecial 21a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial21a.xsb
70 GrigrSpecial 21b GRIGoRusha grigrspecial21b.xsb
71 Grigr 01a GRIGoRusha gri01a.xsb
72 GrigrSpecial 06a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial06a.xsb
73 LevFeb 05a MIC and GRIGoRusha levfeb05a.xsb
74 NaboKosmos 40a Aymeric du Peloux and GRIGoRusha nabokosmos40a.xsb
75 Calc 3 Unknown, Marek Letrab, Eric Leung, GRIGoRusha and Gyjgw calc3.xsb
76 Grigr 135a GRIGoRusha gri135a.xsb
77 SokoStars 34b Mic and GRIGoRusha sokostars34b.xsb
78 SokoStars 43a Mic and GRIGoRusha sokostars43a.xsb
79 Ziko 40a Ziko and GRIGoRusha ziko40a.xsb
80 NaboKosmos 33a Aymeric du Peloux and GRIGoRusha nabokosmos33a.xsb
81 SokoStars 101d Mic and GRIGoRusha sokostars101d.xsb
82 Grigr 37a GRIGoRusha gri37a.xsb
83 MP 102g Marcus Palstra, York Shen and GRIGoRusha mp102g.xsb
84 Grigr 12a GRIGoRusha and Gyjgw gri12a.xsb
85 SokoMania 80b Mic and GRIGoRusha sokomania80b.xsb
86 SokoMania 98b Mic and GRIGoRusha sokomania98b.xsb
87 Grigr 104a GRIGoRusha gri104a.xsb
88 GrigrSpecial 02a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial02a.xsb
89 Dries 27a Dries De Clercq and GRIGoRusha dries27a.xsb
90 GrigrSpecial 36a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial36a.xsb
91 Grigr 111a GRIGoRusha gri111a.xsb
92 Grigr 30a GRIGoRusha gri30a.xsb
93 GrigrSpecial 20a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial20a.xsb
94 Grigr 29a GRIGoRusha gri29a.xsb
95 GrigrSpecial 14a GRIGoRusha grigrspecial14a.xsb
96 Grigr 107a GRIGoRusha gri107a.xsb
97 Grigr 95a GRIGoRusha gri95a.xsb
98 Gyijw 0806c1 Gyijw and GRIGoRusha gyijw0806c1.xsb
99 MaelStrom 04d David Holland, York Shen and GRIGoRusha maelstrom04d.xsb
100 LevDec 07a MIC and GRIGoRusha levdec07a.xsb
101 GrigrStar 09a New GRIGoRusha grigrstar09a.xsb
102 GrigrStar 10a New GRIGoRusha grigrstar10a.xsb
103 GrigrStar 21a New GRIGoRusha grigrstar21a.xsb
104 Kenyam 05a New Kenyam and GRIGoRusha kenyam05a.xsb
105 Kenyam 18a New Kenyam and GRIGoRusha kenyam18a.xsb
106 Kokoban 29a New Aymeric du Peloux and GRIGoRusha kokoban29a.xsb
107 Perfect 305j New Thinking Rabbit, York Shen, GRIGoRusha and Gyijw perfect305j.xsb
108 Gyijw 0908a New Gyijw and GRIGoRusha gyijw0908a.xsb

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